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Founded in 2012, Ultimate Energy Resource Private Limited (UERPL) is a “for profit” skill development Service Provider. As a company that supports social development, Ultimate Energy is fully committed towards ensuring that each youth who possess the capability to learn and create should receive the desired skills. We take pride in contributing to society by addressing the gaps in the skill ecosystem through education and skill, innovation and creativity, employment and placement. We strive to swiftly develop the potential youth in the society through our sustainable training solutions that exceed their expectations, tapping their needs, measures the economic risks, provide latest information, categorise the employers’ needs and ensure the timely placements.

Skill Development

Need for Skill Development

The current education system has limited focus on training young people in employable skills that can provide them with employment opportunities. Traditionally, vocational training in India was limited to ITI’s and Polytechnics or through traditional apprenticeship model.

Today, a large section of India’s labour force has obsolete skills. With changing times and expected economic growth, more than 75% of new job opportunities are expected to be “skill-based.” To address these, we offer multiple skill development programmes keeping in view the trainee requirements and recent industry trends.

These trainings are matched to address requirements of multiple types of trainees. The trainee requirements can be as follows:
  1. For youths or unemployed persons, they will need to acquire entire skill sets for a particular job role and for them we offer ‘Fresh Trainings’.
  2. For already employed/ self-employed persons who already know a skill, we offer two types of programmes i.e.
    1. Recognition of Prior Learning – This course will match and certify their skills against the National Operating Standards
    2. Upskilling – This course is best suited to address the upgradation of acquired skills
Good quality of training and education are imperative to create employable youth.

Ongoing Courses

  • Retail Sales Associate
  • Customer Care Executive
  • Carpenter Fitting
  • Machinist
  • Fitter Electrical and Electronics
  • Suryamitra
  • TV Repair Technician
  • Field Technician Computing and Peripherals
  • Transformer Repair Technician
  • Sewing Machine Operator
  • DTH Installation Technician
  • Pedicurist and Manicurist
  • Electrician
  • Agarbatti Maker
  • Warehouse Packer

Key Sectors

Our firm is a leading training provider and have courses to cater to youth interested in different sectors having huge potential for employment and growth. Training programmes are run according to guidelines and National Operating Standards (NOS). Some of the key sectors which are catered by UERPL are:


Training Methodology

At UERPL, we follow a systematic and participatory approach for training and skill development. The training methodology is comprehensive which ensures learning of hard skills as well as soft skills and is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. The practical sessions ensure smooth transition from training school to workstation.

When a trainee enrols for a program, a brief counselling session is done wherein his training needs are assessed. This helps us to understand the type of programs he is eligible in and where he can be enrolled along with primary mapping of his existing skillset.

All the training programmes are designed according to the prevailing National Operating Standards. The theoretical learning cover 60% of the training programme whereas the practical component is 40% of total learning hours. The theoretical sessions also include group activities, knowledge sharing sessions, role plays and group discussions amongst other things to actively engage the trainees.

Types of Trainings

The types of Skill Development programmes offered can be categorised by the sponsoring entity. We run three types of programmes:
  • Government Funded Programmes
  • Privately Funded (Self-funded or Sponsored)
  • CSR Funded Programmes

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