Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Ultimate Energy Resource Private Limited (UERPL) is a “for profit” skill development Service Provider. As a company that supports social development, Ultimate Energy is fully committed towards ensuring that each youth who possess the capability to learn and create should receive the desired skills. We take pride in contributing to society by addressing the gaps in the skill ecosystem through education and skill, innovation and creativity, employment and placement. We strive to swiftly develop the potential youth in the society through our sustainable training solutions that exceed their expectations, tapping their needs, measures the economic risks, provide latest information, categorise the employers’ needs and ensure the timely placements.


Laying foundations of growth in economy by enhancing the skills and knowledge of the human resources to address the existing challenges and grab opportunities in this highly competitive and globalised world.


To create a sustainable system where highly competent, innovative and skilled workforce meets the demands of employers across the nation or get self-employed; and brings in turn more opportunities and wealth to the system.