Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an emerging sector and Government of India’s vision is to achieve 100 GW of installed solar power capacity by 2022, will generate employment for 1 million youths. Two key job roles in this sector are for Solar panel installation technician and Surya Mitra. These courses have wide preference and are highly enrolled courses with employment opportunities available country wide.


Retail sector is a booming sector India given the population base, changing lifestyles and ever increasing disposable income. The sector is still emerging and will create an additional employment for 15 million people by 2022. Within this sector 75-80% of people are employed in store operations which is an entry level position. To cater this segment Retailers Association Skill Council (RASCI) is facilitating course on Retail Trainee Associate. Our USP for this course is special focus on soft skills and communication as it is one of the major concern faced by employing retailers today.

Apparels, Made Ups & Home Furnishing

Apparel, made-ups and furnishing items are the most value added products in the textile industry which is one of the key industries in the country. India is one of the largest producers of textile products including garments, apparels, made-ups, etc. worldwide. The sector is witnessing immense growth owing to the changing lifestyles, rising consumerism and increase in spending power. Currently textile sector provides employment to more than 90 million people directly and indirectly with around 50% of the employment in garmenting and apparel sector. The sector has potential to employ 5 billion people by 2022. The key job roles addressed in this sector are self-employed tailor and sewing machine operator.

Furniture and Furnishing

Furniture and furnishing is a highly entrepreneurial sector with immense opportunities for self-employment. With the changing trends and increasing demand for home furnishings and office furnishings, India has scope for establishing strong footing in this sector. The industry is expected to employ 1.3 million people by 2022. The key job roles in this sector are Carpenter and Assistant Carpenter facilitated by Furniture Skill Council of India.

Building and Construction

Building and Construction is the second largest employer in India after agriculture employing around 35 million people. The sector is expected to grow with increasing urbanisation and Government of India’s focus on ‘Housing for All’. The employment potential is huge with additional 40 million people to be absorbed in the sector by 2022. The Construction Skill Development Council facilitates courses like _____________________. Our approach ensures ‘On the Job Training’ facilities for every job role.

Other Sector

Agriculture (Solar Pump technician)

Apparel, Made Ups & Home Furnishing


Food Processing

Gems and jewellery


Security Sector

Telecom- Customer Care Executive