Need for Skill Development

The current education system does not focus on training young people in employable skills that can provide them with employment opportunities. Vocational training in India was limited to ITI’s and Polytechnics or through traditional apprenticeship model. However, vocational training and professional courses supplement formal education and are useful for people without access to formal education.

Today, a large section of India’s labour force has obsolete skills. With changing times and expected economic growth, more than 75% of new job opportunities are expected to be “skill-based.” To address these, we offer multiple skill development programmes keeping in view the trainee requirements and recent industry trends.

These trainings are matched to address requirements of multiple types of trainees. The trainee requirements can be as follows:

  1. For youths or unemployed persons, they will need to acquire entire skill sets for a particular job role and for them we offer ‘Fresh Trainings’.
  2. For already employed/ self-employed persons who already know a skill, we offer two types of programmes i.e.
    a.      Recognition of Prior Learning – This course will match and certify their skills against the National Operating Standards
    b.      Upskilling – This course is best suited to address the upgradation of acquired skills

Good quality of training and education are imperative to create employable youth. This will lead to economic empowerment, enhanced social protection, respect for societal values and overall positive social transformations.